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Luxury studio with separate kitchenette

(the title may have been auto-translated)
Listing №:
Monthly rent:
450 BGN9.57 BGN/ sq. m.

център, Pomorie, region Burgas
Type of apartment:
47 sq. m.
First residential floor
Elevator Near kindergarten Close a bus stop / station Near school Internet Cable / satellite TV Air conditioning Lux Signalling and Security Equipment
Updated before 2 days. Valid for 55 days.
Additional information
(the text may have been auto-translated)

The apartment is newly furnished (with designer) and is located in the center (in a quiet place) of Pomorie - Old Town, 5 minutes (300 meters) from the spa and beach, five-star spa complex and beach.
It is located in a quiet area, next to the new park in the city center, on the first floor of a new residential building with an elevator. 100 meters from the building there is free public parking, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, a market for fruits and vegetables and fruits, a pastry shop, shops and restaurants. It consists of a corridor (shoe cabinet, seating and hangers), room (with 2 double beds with orthopedic mattresses - 2 m by 2.20 m and cabinets under them, wardrobes, cabinets, table, chairs, TV 42 inches with satellite TV and internet, air conditioning, balcony, Spanish curtains), separate small room where the kitchen is (fully equipped with refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, extractor, dishwasher, cabinets) and bathroom with toilet (equipped with washing machine, shower, toilet, fan, boiler, sink, mirror and wall dryer). Furnished with a designer, the furniture is custom made. Floor - Spanish tiles resembling wood (”Martinelli”). The apartment has an alarm system. The doors are custom-made: external iron entrance soundproof door (36 decibels) and 3 internal doors, and the bathroom door on the outside to the corridor is mirrored.

- WTO;
- fully equipped kitchen including dishwasher
- air conditioning;
- 42 inch TV
- satellite TV
- Internet;
- terrace;
- iron and ironing board;
- bathroom and toilet with wall-mounted hairdryer and washing machine
- several wardrobes and many cabinets;
- elevator;
- intercom;
- iron soundproof door (36 decibels).

It is rented long-term from April!

Apart from being a famous sea resort in Bulgaria, Pomorie is also a great place for spa treatment and spa. The town is located 22 km. in a northern direction from Bourgas and is caressed by the waters of our Southern Black Sea coast. Pomorie is spread over a narrow rocky peninsula, which gives it an unusual charm.

Nature has endowed the region of Pomorie with unique gifts that allow the development of tourism throughout the year. An example of this is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria, Pomorie Lake, which is known throughout the country for its large deposits of healing mud. Mud has a rich chemical composition and is extremely useful for the human body.

The presence of the healing mud in Pomorie allows more than successful development of spa treatment and over time the town has become one of the best rehabilitation centers in the country. The mud and lye from the lake are extracted by ancient technology with specialized equipment.

Mud therapy significantly improves metabolic processes in the body and normalizes cholesterol levels. The healing effect is a result of the complex action of the chemical, biological, electrodynamic and mechanical factors of the healing mud.

Pomorie mud - gray layer - highly mineralized, slightly sulfide, with high content of magnesium ions in water soluble form, sulfate, chloride, magnesium and sodium ions. It has a positive effect on various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin diseases and gynecological diseases, including infertility.

Pomorie mud - black layer - mud-sulfide, with high mineralization and saturated with salts. It is saturated with trace elements, enzymes, hormones and other biologically active substances. It has a corrective and healing effect. The mud has the smell of hydrogen sulfide and an alkaline reaction. It contains a lot of sulfur, iodine, copper, strontium, amino acids, enzymes, estrogens, vitamins. Its radioactivity is very low.

Pomorie lye is a secondary material from the process of sea salt extraction. This is a thick residual liquid leaking from the salt hills, in which the salt crystallizes from the waters of the lake. The liquid has a high density, pale yellow to brown color, with a salty bitter taste and a specific odor. The lye contains a number of important macro- and microelements, as well as colloids, various acids of organic and inorganic nature, biologically active substances and other components of the vital activity of the microflora and fauna of the lake and the sea. The application of lye improves the quality of redox reactions, helps to restore hormonal status, enhances metabolism and stimulates the protective properties of the body. It is applied in the form of warm compresses.

The wonderful combination of favorable climate, beautiful sea and healing mud make Pomorie a starting point for Bulgarians and foreigners throughout the year.

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