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Looking to buy for sale region Plovdiv, Plovdiv Bulgaria

189 properties
We are looking for agricultural land about 5-10 decares meters Plovdiv, Belomorski, Proslav, Komatevo, Ostromila, Industrial Zone-North, South or East, You can contact us by message on the site alo - ..

Buys an apartment

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 100 000 EUR

Buy One Bedroom Apartment

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 100 000 BGN For the city of Plovdiv, with the exception of Izgrev / Zaharna Fabrika, a private person is looking to buy a one-bedroom apartment / floor directly from the owner. Up to EUR 45,000. No agency!
Price: 1 500 000 EUR

Buys a house / floor of a house

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 90 000 BGN

I am looking for a plot in Ostromila

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
I am looking for a plot of land in Ostromila district. It is preferable to be in regulation with dimensions of 400-1500 sq.m.
Price: 50 000 BGN
Price: 75 000 EUR (15 EUR/ sq. m.)

I am looking to buy a house

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv

Buys Agricultural Land

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 1 900 BGN
We are looking to buy a home with one bedroom, living room and kitchenette. About 55,000 euros. Maybe a panel. Without Sunrise. Cash payment.

I am buying a project for FEC

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 750 000 EUR
I am buying agricultural land, meadows and forests in Boykovo

I BUY BENEFICIALLY - I Pay Immediately!

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 999 999 BGN

We are buying a home from owner

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv

I’m buying a new monolith

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 75 000 EUR
Спешно търсим за наши РЕАЛНИ КЛИЕНТИ! имот до Главната улица, Гроздов пазар, Антим I, градската градина, ул. Иван Вазов, Мол Пловдив! Кешови клиенти, Може етаж от кооперация, къща или самостоятелна ..
New construction up to 15 years in Center, City Garden, PU, ​​Central Station, HMI. Between 50 sq.m. and 70 sq.m. Real customers. www.Shansbilding.bg

I am looking for a garage in Komatevo

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv

I am buying an apartment in Plovdiv

Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 65 000 EUR