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Industrial premises, Warehouses for sale Bulgaria

1378 properties

prom. property

Сливенски минерални бани, Sliven, region Sliven
19 499 EUR (24.37 EUR/ sq. m.)
Industrial premises
800 sq. m.
Type of construction:
Construction stage:
Ready (finished)

Industrial premises

Stamboliyski, region Plovdiv
Price: 185 000 EUR (37.76 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 4900 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)
Price: 38 499 EUR (14.26 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 2700 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)

Industrial buildings, warehouses, halls.

Промишлена зона на Нови пазар, Novi pazar, region Shumen
Price: 10 000 EUR (2.50 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 4000 sq. m. Metal structure In design

Industrial premises 1184 sq. m. Other Ready (finished)

map icon с. Невестино, Nevestino, region Burgas
Price: 25 310 EUR (21.38 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 1184 sq. m. Other Ready (finished)
Price: 1 600 000 EUR (571.43 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 2800 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished) URGENT! Malt business property, operating business in Sunny Beach For sale or opposite Restaurants, Plots, Factory, Apartments. To connect with appropriate proposals I give a commission.

Car service in the South Industrial Zone !!!

Industrial zone - South, Haskovo, region Haskovo
Price: 360 000 BGN (2 307.69 BGN/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 156 sq. m. Metal structure Ready (finished)

Warehouse for sale, 6,000 sq.m, Sofia, Military ramp

Voenna Rampa, Sofia, region Sofia
Price: 2 000 000 EUR (333.33 EUR/ sq. m.) Storage area 6000 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)
Price: 1 500 000 EUR (88.24 EUR/ sq. m.) Factory 17000 sq. m. Other Ready (finished)

Workshop in the village of Gavrailovo

Gavrailovo, region Sliven
Price: 120 000 EUR (26.55 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 4520 sq. m. Metal structure Ready (finished)
Price: 34 000 EUR (56.67 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 600 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished) ALBA Imoti is selling an OSD - a brick building (production workshop) with a CPC of 600 m2 in the village of Yagoda, 15 km from Stara Zagora and 22 km from Kazanlak. Good infrastructure next to the ..
Price: 7 700 EUR (27.11 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 284 sq. m. Metal structure Ready (finished)
Price: 220 000 EUR (258.22 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 852 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished) The owner is selling an industrial building in the village of Ovchepoltsi, 19 km away from the town of Pazardzhik, which is a large renovated brick warehouse with 11 cells with an area of ​​825 sq.m. ..
Price: 153 000 EUR (392.31 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 390 sq. m. Panel Ready (finished)

Warehouse for sale

Iliyantsi, Sofia, region Sofia
Price: 3 970 000 BGN (708.93 BGN/ sq. m.) Storage area 5600 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished) We offer for sale a Warehouse and Production Base in Iliyantsi, with an area of ​​5600 sq.m and representing: Main monolithic building with an area of ​​4400 sq.m., built on four floors of 1100 sq.m. ..

Commercial space

Center, Plovdiv, region Plovdiv
Price: 195 000 EUR (1 625 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 120 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)

Yard with production room

център, Radinovo, region Plovdiv
Price: 152 000 EUR (304 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 500 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)

Hall for sale, 800 sq.m, Stara Zagora, Ind. zone-west

Industrialen, Stara Zagora, region Stara Zagora
Price: 320 000 EUR (400 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 800 sq. m. Metal structure Under construction

For sale warehouses, 7 000, sq.m, Industrial

Industrialen, Stara Zagora, region Stara Zagora
Price: 1 400 000 EUR (200 EUR/ sq. m.) Storage area 7000 sq. m. Massive construction Ready (finished)
Price: 500 000 EUR (41.67 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 12000 sq. m. Massive construction Ready (finished)
Price: 665 000 EUR (161.72 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 4112 sq. m. Other Ready (finished)

Warehouse for sale, 2,800 sq.m, Malashevtsi quarter

Malashevtsi, Sofia, region Sofia
Price: 998 000 EUR (356.43 EUR/ sq. m.) Storage area 2800 sq. m. Panel Ready (finished)

”EUROPE AGENCY For sale: Warehouse”

Promishlena Zona Yug, Yambol, region Yambol
Price: 66 500 BGN (455.48 BGN/ sq. m.) Storage area 146 sq. m. Massive construction Ready (finished)
Price: 200 000 EUR (7.41 EUR/ sq. m.) Factory 27000 sq. m. Massive construction Ready (finished)
Type: Industrial premises 2500 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)
Price: 130 000 BGN (43.33 BGN/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 3000 sq. m. Metal structure Ready (finished)
Price: 100 000 EUR (100 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 1000 sq. m. Massive construction Ready (finished)

Продавам промишлено помещение

Industrial zone - East, Haskovo, region Haskovo
Price: 200 000 EUR (133.33 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 1500 sq. m. Metal structure Ready (finished)

I am selling a storage room

Industrial zone - East, Haskovo, region Haskovo
Type: Storage area 1500 sq. m. Panel Ready (finished)
Price: 230 000 EUR (85.19 EUR/ sq. m.) Industrial premises 2700 sq. m. Brick Ready (finished)
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