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Agricultural land, Orchards, Vineyards, Forests for sale region Burgas Bulgaria

794 properties

Agricultural land - Meadow

Ravnets, region Burgas
1 200 BGN (1.12 BGN/ sq. m.)
Agricultural land
Area (sq. m.):
1074 sq. m.
Fourth category

I am selling two agricultural fields

map icon Meden Rudnik, Burgas, region Burgas
Price: 45 780 EUR (12 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3815 sq. m. Third category I AM SELLING TWO FIELDS in the area of ​​Djambazlare (former Greenhouse of APC Burgas) with areas: First Field: 2863 sq.m. (Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Three Square Meters). Price: 3435..

Land for sale. land

Местност Ясака, Cherni vrah, region Burgas
Price: 9 100 BGN (2.19 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 4150 sq. m. Fourth category

Arable Land

map icon Drachevo, region Burgas
Price: 600 000 BGN (1.20 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 500000 sq. m. Not specified We offer for sale 500 decares of fertile arable land in the area of ​​the village of Drachevo, Sredets municipality, Burgas district. The price for 1 decare is 1200 leva. This investment guarantees yo..
Price: 100 000 EUR (5 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 20000 sq. m. Ninth category Plot - old vineyard with an area of ​​20 acres to a villa area and a pine forest. It falls within the General Development Plan of the city of Burgas. It is suitable for building houses and villas, for..


Izvor, region Burgas
Price: 7 000 BGN (1.17 BGN/ sq. m.) Grazing ground 6000 sq. m. Fourth category
Price: 103 168 BGN (1.60 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 64480 sq. m. Fourth category
Type: Agricultural land 4928 sq. m.

Agricultural Land Gaberovo

Gaberovo, region Burgas
Price: 9 600 BGN (0.80 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 12000 sq. m. Seventh category


map icon Pomorie, region Burgas
Price: 737 000 BGN (3.69 BGN/ sq. m.) Vineyards 200000 sq. m. First category


Draganovo, region Burgas
Price: 9 100 BGN (0.70 BGN/ sq. m.) Grazing ground 13000 sq. m. Ninth category
Price: 3 899.35 BGN (0.65 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 5999 sq. m. Eighth category

I am selling agricultural land

map icon Дигата, Laka, region Burgas
Price: 38 000 EUR (2 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 19000 sq. m. Third category


map icon Bryastovets, region Burgas
Price: 7 500 BGN (2.78 BGN/ sq. m.) Orchard 2700 sq. m. Not specified


Kosharitsa, region Burgas
Price: 29 038.63 BGN (2.83 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 10261 sq. m. Fourth category area: White Fountain. The plot is divided into three equal parts of 3420 m2 wire: Krassimir


Kosharitsa, region Burgas
Price: 42 657 BGN (3 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 14219 sq. m. Fourth category Location: Drenaka The place is located opposite the Kalina Nature Park. The plot is divided into three equal parts of 4740 m2 for contact: Krassimir

I am selling land

Rosen, region Burgas
Price: 60 000 BGN (15 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 4000 sq. m. Third category The Benta area

I am selling land

Rosen, region Burgas
Price: 150 000 BGN (50 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3000 sq. m. Third category The Batteries area.

Agricultural land / vineyard / for sale

Кокалу, Nesebar, region Burgas
Price: 71 500 EUR (65 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 1100 sq. m. Fourth category

Agricultural land for sale / pasture, measure / in the area ”Chairite”

map icon Чаирите, Sunny Beach (resort), region Burgas
Price: 174 000 EUR (60 EUR/ sq. m.) Grazing ground 2900 sq. m. Third category

I am selling agricultural land-pasture, a measure in the Yurta / Balkan area.

Юрта Балкана, Sveti Vlas, region Burgas
Price: 162 500 EUR (65 EUR/ sq. m.) Grazing ground 2500 sq. m. Eighth category

Agricultural land / vineyard / for sale

map icon Чатал тепе, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 170 376 EUR (12 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 14198 sq. m. Fourth category
Price: 24 000 EUR (20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 1200 sq. m. First category
Price: 40 000 EUR (20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 2000 sq. m. Fourth category

Agricultural land / Levels

Кошарите, Kableshkovo, region Burgas
Price: 34 078.80 EUR (1.20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 28399 sq. m. Not specified

Agricultural property by owner

Минералния извор, Kableshkovo, region Burgas
Price: 21 012 EUR (3 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 7004 sq. m. Fifth category

property for rent

Острица 2, Burgas, region Burgas
Price: 840 BGN (1.68 BGN/ sq. m.) Vineyards 500 sq. m. First category


Мапи, Sozopol, region Burgas
Price: 90 000 EUR (45 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 2000 sq. m. Fifth category

9 decares of Kraimorie plot

map icon Kraymorie, Burgas, region Burgas
Price: 162 000 EUR (18 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 9000 sq. m. Sixth category I am selling a plot of land on the land of Kraimorie district, 9 decares, divided into two by 4.5 decares at the entrance of Aves, ”Do Shoseto” area, with a way of permanent use of sown area. Designed..
Price: 20 000 BGN (19.42 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 1030 sq. m. Fifth category The plot is located in the village, close to regulations and communications.