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Agricultural land, Orchards, Vineyards, Forests for sale region Burgas, Aheloy Bulgaria

20 properties

Agricultural land / vineyard / for sale

map icon Чатал тепе, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 170 376 EUR (12 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 14198 sq. m. Fourth category

Land for sale in Aheloy

map icon Бряста, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 30 000 EUR (9.09 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 3300 sq. m. Third category
Price: 15 816 EUR (12 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 1318 sq. m. Third category

sells a plot

Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 286 020 EUR (60 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 4767 sq. m. Fourth category

Plot next to Marina Holiday Aheloy

Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 57 000 EUR (19 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3000 sq. m. Fourth category

Plot Aheloy

местност РЕЗЕРВОАРА, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 263 970 EUR (30 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 8799 sq. m. Not specified

Agricultural land 10030 sq. m. Not specified

гр. Ахелой, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 240 000 EUR (23.93 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 10030 sq. m. Not specified Само от агенция ИГ Провайд Предлагаме Ви за продажба 10 декара 3-та категория земеделска земя с лице път и гледка море в гр. Ахелой. Имотът се намира на 300 метра от края на гр. Ахелой посока Несе..

Agricultural land on the road to Sunny Beach

map icon Кашла, Aheloy, region Burgas
Type: Agricultural land 8000 sq. m. Third category Along the road Sunny Beach-Burgas, suitable for construction with a height of 11 meters.

I am selling levels

Давалията, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 45 000 EUR (6 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 7496 sq. m. Not specified
Price: 400 000 EUR (85.11 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 4700 sq. m. #27241226 Land plot in Aheloy on the first line of the sea (with a ready-made project and permits). Land plot in the city of Aheloy with a ready-made project and permits. Price: 400,000 euros Locat..

Personal Offer - Land of Aheloy

map icon местност КЪМПИНГА, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 249 000 EUR (51.88 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 4800 sq. m. Fourth category

Orchard 3000 sq.m third category

map icon Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 21 000 EUR (7 EUR/ sq. m.) Orchard 3000 sq. m. Third category


Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 240 000 EUR (20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 12000 sq. m. Third category

Agricultural land 6000 sq. m.

map icon Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 270 000 EUR (45 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 6000 sq. m.

town of Aheloy, Pomorie municipality, Purification area - plot of land for sale

м. Пречиствателната, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 94 000 EUR (47 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 2000 sq. m. Not specified

town of Aheloy, Pomorie municipality, Reservoir area

м. Резервоара, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 38 726 EUR (17 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 2278 sq. m. Not specified

town of Aheloy, Pomorie municipality, Orangeries area

м. Оранжериите, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 51 744 EUR (16 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3234 sq. m. Third category

town of Aheloy, Pomorie municipality, Davaliata locality

м. Давалията, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 22 620 EUR (6 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3770 sq. m. Third category

Sale of agricultural land in the town of Aheloy, Strolata area

м. Стролата, Aheloy, region Burgas
Price: 30 810 EUR (6 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 5135 sq. m. Ninth category
Price: 235 500 EUR (20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 11775 sq. m. Not specified