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Agricultural land, Orchards, Vineyards, Forests for sale region Varna, Varna Bulgaria

16 properties
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100 decares for sale in Kazashka Reka, region Varna

Trakia (winter), Varna, region Varna
280 000 BGN (2.80 BGN/ sq. m.)
Agricultural land
Area (sq. m.):
100000 sq. m.
Third category

agricultural land Ignatievo

map icon Center, Varna, region Varna
Price: 17 000 EUR (3.04 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 5600 sq. m. Fourth category

Forest with land

Kolhozen Pazar, Varna, region Varna
Type: Forest 100000 sq. m. Not specified

I am selling a plot of land

locality Borovec, Varna, region Varna
Price: 45 000 EUR (15 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 3000 sq. m. Fifth category FRIENDS HOUSE offers a vineyard with an area of ​​3 decares, 5th category, on the border with the village education Borovets Yug, for which there is an effective street regulation. Communications - ..
Price: 99 000 BGN (4.50 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 22000 sq. m. Third category
Price: 100 800 BGN (4.20 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 24000 sq. m. Third category

I am selling a plot of land

locality Priboy, Varna, region Varna
Price: 15 500 EUR (13.29 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 1166 sq. m. Eighth category EXCLUSIVE. FRIENDS HOUSE offers a plot of land, ½ ideal parts (1,650 sq.m) in Galata district, Chigan area - on the 1st line. Main asphalt road, street lighting. The property is at a height compared t..

I am clearing agricultural land in Perchemliyata

м-ст Перчемлията, Varna, region Varna
Price: 50 000 EUR (41.67 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 1200 sq. m. Fifth category Plot with an area of ​​1200 sq.m. in the area of ​​Perchemliyata asphalt road panorama sea resort Zl. Sands. It does not fall within the boundaries of Zl park. Sands.

Agricultural land 5500 sq. m.

locality Borovec, Varna, region Varna
Price: 34 000 EUR (6.18 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 5500 sq. m.

Лозе в Ракитник

map icon locality Rakitnika, Varna, region Varna
Price: 40 000 EUR (35.59 EUR/ sq. m.) Vineyards 1124 sq. m. First category

I am selling land

map icon с. Тополи, Varna, region Varna
Price: 150 000 EUR (25 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 6000 sq. m. Fourth category

Agricultural land 1770 sq. m.

map icon Vinitsa, Varna, region Varna
Price: 57 000 EUR (32.20 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 1770 sq. m.
Price: 100 000 EUR (10 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 10000 sq. m. Fifth category

Agricultural land 5500 sq. m. Fifth category

locality Borovec, Varna, region Varna
Price: 55 000 EUR (10 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 5500 sq. m. Fifth category

Land for sale. land

Varna, region Varna
Price: 322 000 BGN (2.30 BGN/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 140000 sq. m. Fourth category

agricultural land Aksakovo

Center, Varna, region Varna
Price: 12 000 EUR (4 EUR/ sq. m.) Agricultural land 3000 sq. m. Sixth category